Professional Nail Care

Spa Pedicure $37.00
Includes a foot massage, filing, triming, buffing and shaping of nails, cuticles, calluses are carefully taken care of. Finishes with a choice of polish.

Manicure $21.00 
Includes a hand massage, filing, shaping, trimming and buffing of nails. Cuticles pushed and trimmed, also includes color application.

Spa-Pedicure & Manicure $48.00

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   Professional Services
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Billings Bridge Mall

Artificial Nails

Gel Nails           $53.00
Gel Refill           $43.00
Porcelain Nails $59.00
Porcelain Refill $43.00
Acrylic Nails       $43.00
Acrylic Refill     $32.00
White Tips         $48.00
Acrylic Fullset with Shellac $59.00
Acrylic Refill with shellac $50.00
Gel Fullset with Shellac $66.00
Gel shellac refill $55.00
Solar Fullset $59.00
Solar Refill $43.00

Natural Nail Care

Manicure  $21.00
Manicure Shellac Color $38.00
Manicure Shellac French $40.00
Shellac Color For Nails $28.00
Shellac French for Nails  $30.00
Pedicure $37.00
Pedicure Shellac $53.00
Shellac Color/French on Toes $30.00
Shellac Removal on Nails $10.00
Shellac Removal on Toes $13.00

Waxing Services

Eyebrows  $11.00
Upper Lip $6.00
Chin $8.00
Sideburns  $10.00
Brows, Lip and Chin $21.00
Brows, Lip, Chin and Sides $30.00
Half Arms $22.00
Full Arms $32.00
Lower Legs $27.00
Upper Legs $32.00
Full Legs $48.00
Back $30.00
Underarms  $16.00


Shellac Pedicure 
and Shellac Manicure  $80.00

Regular Pedicure 
and Shellac Manicure $70.00

Shellac Pedicure 
and Regular Manicure $63.00

Kids Pedicure and Manicure $38.00

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